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Top Best Trucking Gps Apps For Commercial Vehicles In 2022

As previously mentioned, truck routing is a more elaborate routing process than regular routing. Routes for CMVs need to account for certain road types, bridges, and tunnels as per the vehicles’ weight, height, and other commercial vehicle parameters. Therefore, Google Maps is not suitable for trucks – at least not for route planning. Read on to look at the latest vehicle tracking system trends and the game-changing IoT impact. We’ll also dig deep into the must-have features for your solution and the steps of vehicle fleet tracking software development. What sounds confusing now is going to be clear by the time you finish reading it.

how to create a gps app

First, knowing how many miles your cars cover helps you plan a maintenance schedule to keep your fleet in tip-top condition. Second, a mileage tracker can also log fuel consumption data. If you’re looking to reduce idle time and save money on every gallon, it’s your way to go. The GPS Insight tracking system is an outstanding example of a fuel economy solution.

What Does It Take To Build A Custom Gps Vehicle Tracking Software As Part Of A Tracking System?

For this reason, you should look for a trucking GPS app that enables you to avoid toll roads and highways. A complete list of features and capabilities as well as pricing details can be found on Trucker Path’s website. A complete overview of Sygic Truck GPS Navigation features and pricing can be accessed on their website as well as the app’s Google Play and App Store dedicated page.

Google Maps does not feature any weight or height restrictions for commercial routing. Thus, truck drivers can’t rely on Google Maps to avoid low bridges and comply with the local regulations for commercial vehicles. Continue reading to discover the features and capabilities offered by these apps and how they can help your business. Additionally, you can gain deeper insights into the pros and cons of using Google’s route planner for truck navigation in the “Can You Set Google Maps for Trucks? Every trucking company has its unique needs and requirements.

Knowing where your assets currently are can help you manage your mobile business cost-effectively. Think productivity improvements and theft prevention practices. Plus, a location detector is a way to track when your drivers use your vehicles for personal trips. Now that the world goes remote, real-time fleet tracking is here to stay. Although passive navigation systems still reign supreme for the most accurate vehicle location data, things will likely change in the near future. No one needs a tracker that updates coordinates once in a minute or so.

  • Truckers can use Google’s route planner to find parking lots, restaurants, gas stations, landmarks, and more.
  • For example, Route4Me’s truck route planning software can help carriers plan truck routes with scheduled breaks.
  • Read on to look at the latest vehicle tracking system trends and the game-changing IoT impact.
  • Updates on the location history — the GPS app gives you detailed feedback on where your kid has been in the location history timeline without them knowing about it.

Thus, using such free GPS apps for truckers might result in costly fines and unfortunate incidents on the road. Additionally, accurate navigation directions go hand in hand with updated truck maps. And, if the truck maps are not relevant anymore, the driving directions will surely be dangerous to follow. So, to ensure the most cost-efficient and time-effective routes, you need accurate driving directions for your truck drivers.

What Is The Best Trucker Navigation App?

When you have an established development vendor in your corner, your project is in safe hands — from planning to deployment. We can make a cloud-based commercial fleet tracking system or an app that is anything but lackluster. What’s more, we can get you covered with a full-service solution — from the frontend to the backend to system maintenance. We’ve been developing truck GPS tracking apps, among other business solutions, for 18 years. Our know-how is extensive enough to help you wind up with the right technology, architecture, and features for your business needs. Custom vehicle tracking software is developed depending on what business problem you need to tackle.

For instance, trucks are not allowed on certain road types and have weight and height restrictions. For this reason, truckers cannot use mapping services like Google Maps, which is designed for personal use only. Truck drivers need a special truckers GPS app that accounts for all the road limitations for commercial motor vehicles . Equally important, voice navigation is a must-have feature when it comes to the best truckers GPS app. In detail, voice navigation will help your truck drivers focus on the road and stay safe while navigating their truck routes. A trucking route app can only do so much – guide your truck drivers on planned routes.

Route4Me is a powerful truck routing and navigation solution. In detail, Route4Me offers seamless continuity throughout the entire route planning and dispatch processes – from route optimization to route navigation and tracking. It features both a cloud-based Route Optimization Web Platform as well as an Android Route Planner and iOS Route Planner app. Truck routing and commercial vehicle navigation are more complex than regular GPS navigation.

how to create a gps app

Please note that while most believe free apps are barely as good as paid ones, this is not usually the case. Some location tracking apps that are available for use for free are handy and have better features. However, when navigating with Waze, you can choose other vehicle types such as private, taxi, motorcycle, and electric . Aside from the trucking GPS app, Trucker Path features an enterprise edition fleet management system. Plus, carriers can access the Trucker Path’s Truckloads platform where freight companies post freight hauling requests. Let’s take a closer look at the features and capabilities that these truck GPS apps for iPhone and trucking GPS apps for Android have to offer.

Choose The Best Trucking Gps Apps For Commercial Vehicles In 2022

For most mapping applications to work as expected, the user is assumed to have a smartphone with an autonomous GPS chip. Check your device specifications to confirm whether your device uses an autonomous chip, or is A-GPS only device. A-GPS data can help autonomous GPS chips perform better by pre-caching data for better performance. Furthermore, the Trucker Path app is available for Android as well as iOS devices. And not knowing the differences between them can make your decision-making process more difficult.

how to create a gps app

For instance, if you are a religious runner, walker, or jogger, this is the ideal GPS app to get you back home in case you trail far. It is specially designed for you as it determines the route, number of calories, and how fast you are on the how to create a gps app move. This high-tech GPS running app is not confined to a particular age group, hence suitable for all in monitoring location. In choosing a mapping application for mapping in OpenStreetMap, you need to consider the following features.

At this stage, all parts of your vehicle tracking system are brought together. If unprotected, it’s in jeopardy as long as there are ill-wishers who can exploit its weaknesses. An anti-hacking solution should always be considered a critical GPS vehicle tracking system feature. It serves as a shield against cyber threats and malware so that attackers can’t compromise your data or hijack your vehicles. Decent vehicle tracking software is the one that can adapt to any device without code touch-ups in between.

Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles

“We’ve delivered plenty of cloud-based vehicle tracking software projects. Some were systems that gathered real-time and historical data from various devices, while others were software we designed and developed for the client’s hardware. So we know a thing or two about building vehicle tracking apps.” Co-founder quote.

How To Track Someone’s Location With Gps Tracking App

Luckily, truck routing software can help improve driver safety. For example, Route4Me’s truck route planning software can help carriers plan truck routes with scheduled breaks. Moreover, dispatchers and managers can use our truck routing software to monitor truckers in real time. And this is important to ensure every aspect of the operation is going according to plan. Did you know that fatigued driving accounts for nearly 100,000 accidents every year? Drowsiness puts your drivers and other people at risk, which is why a logger for hours of service is one of the key vehicle tracking software features.

Available for both Android and iOS, Sygic Truck GPS Navigation is one of the most downloaded offline GPS navigation app for truck drivers. The Sygic truck navigation app was designed specifically for trucks, RVs, busses, and vans. In that regard, this truck GPS app offers voice-guided truck navigation, route alternatives, 3D offline maps, route planning that avoids tolls, and a lot more. There are multiple trucking GPS apps that can safely guide professional truck drivers on their routes. However, truckers need more than just navigation directions from point A to point B. Namely, truckers also need optimized routes, updated and reliable maps, the ability to avoid toll roads and highways, and more.

Check If The Truckers Gps App Has Voice Navigation

Your SaaS software architecture should be built in a way that reduces idling and resource overuse, just like you’d want for your fleet. That’s when you will never have trouble maintaining, expanding, or adapting your end solution for your growing business. But unexpected things may occur when your tracking system is in its infancy. That’s why your software needs to be regularly debugged as you integrate it into your fleet.

Whether you’re running a delivery or truck company, a limo service, or a car rental business, you want to track your assets . A custom real-time GPS tracking system for commercial transportation will do the trick for you. Route4Me offers you the flexibility to choose from multiple routing features so that you can customize your truckers GPS app as you need.

For example, if you have set 1 mile, you will get alerts after every 1 mile covered. In case your Android doesn’t have the pre-installed version of Google Maps, get offline versions from the Play Store. Cutting to the chase, below is a curated list of useful GPS apps to try. The next sections will guide you through the installation and use of specific applications for you to contribute to OpenStreetMap using your smartphone.

Grant all the necessary access that the app needs to track the target phone. These include permitting app usage access, surrendering Administration permissions to FamiSafe, and enabling access to Locations. In this internet world, there is about everything for everyone.

When developed in a rickety way, it may do more harm than good. Botched systems may derail your assets while leaving your business in the red due to inaccurate vehicle tracking. When looking for a complex trucking GPS solution or a truckers GPS app, you need to keep in mind that dedicated GPS devices for truckers can be expensive.

By now, you probably know what the best trucking GPS apps should look like. Telematics takes your cars’ whereabouts and blends them with a bunch of insights via a specialized onboard device and a GPS receiver. This technology allows fleet operators to monitor drivers’ road habits, speed statistics, revving cases, car maintenance issues, and so much more. Current location tracking — It enables you to monitor the real-time location of the target phone, e.g., a kid’s phone, and helps in ensuring they are safe. Rated as one of the best GPS apps available for use freely, it lets you share your location information and displays your current whereabouts without glitching. Plus, it works smoothly on Android and Windows operating systems.

Software Architecture

Trucker Path is one of the most popular mapping and navigation apps for truckers. This app helps drivers identify truck stops, weigh stations, fuel stops, and parking along their routes. Additionally, Trucker Path features trip planning and truck routing capabilities. In 2022, the best trucking GPS apps for commercial vehicles offer more features and capabilities than just truck navigation. Thus, when looking at truck GPS solutions, you would consider a complex platform to accommodate all of your truck routing needs.

The server is where all that GPS data is stored, processed, and broken down. It also includes an API to retrieve big data at a granular level as the tracker transmits it. Next, the server delivers this information to the user interface. That said, some features should find their way into all systems, regardless of the business they serve. Connect your phone to the target’s device and start monitoring the location, among other things.

GPS frequencies, while higher end models may include chips that can read frequencies from the Russian GLONASS satellites at the same time. At the same time, other drivers might prefer using apps that have been developed specifically for professional drivers. Such apps include Trucker Path, Route4Me Truck Routing apps, PTV Navigator, Sygic Truck GPS Navigation, CoPilot GPS, SmartTruckRoute, DAT Trucker, and more.

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